First check:  State Criminal History check

                Go to: http://www.psp.pa.gov/

                Under PSP Services, pick “Request A Criminal History Report”

                Click, Pennsylvania Access to Criminal History (PATCH) Web Site

                Click,    Submit a New Record Check (requires a credit card)

                                In the middle of the page.

                Fill out the form and follow the instructions.

                You should get and almost immediate, electronic response on this check.


Second check:  State Child Abuse Clearance

                Go to: http://www.dhs.state.pa.us/

                On the middle of the right side banner there is a link to the form:

                                Pennsylvania Child Abuse History Clearance Form (CY-113)

This form needs to be filled out and mailed in.  Follow the instructions on page three of the form.


                ------ OR -------


You may go to the following link and fill out the form online




Third check (for employees, but also for volunteers who have not lived in the state for the past 10 years consecutively):  FBI Criminal History thru Fingerprints ($27.50) The Common Place Church will reimburse the cost of this check.


                Go to:  https://www.pa.cogentid.com/index_dpwNew.htm



Under “Registration”, Pick, Register Online

Fill out the online form.

For “Reason Fingerprinted”, choose “Employment with a significant likelihood of regular contact with children”


Note:  On the www.pa.cogentid.com  site you will find a link on where you can go to get your fingerprints done.