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All of us, in our honest moments, would admit we are looking for something fun to occupy our spare time and friends to do life with.  In a more subtle way, often in way that we are not even aware of, we are looking for something to believe in, to have faith in.  That could be a degree, a job, a relationship, entertainment, a future spouse, money, sports, sex, or even video games.  Where fun and friendship are often easier to come by, faith can be much harder to find, after all we have been burned in the past by putting our trust in the wrong things.

Here at the Common Place Church College Ministry we love to have fun and develop lasting and life changing friendships.  We also believe that developing and exploring faith should be fulfilling, impactful, and done in a way that allows for dialogue in a safe environment.  

So welcome, as a college student make yourself at home here at Common Place.  You'll find a wide variety of opportunities for fun, finding friends, and a community where you can find a robust and resilient faith.

College Bible Studies

So what is a "Bible Study" anyways?  Glad you asked.  First it is a community of college students trying to find and have "Fun, Friendship, and Faith."   Second it is a safe place to ask questions, express doubts, and find encouragement about identity, relationships, and future life dreams and aspirations.  Thirdly it is a place to grow in your personal understanding of Jesus directly from the Bible itself.  Join us!

  • Bible Exploration - the book of daniel

    Do you have the strength to stand up for what you believe? It's not easy when you are put down by a culture bent on forcing you to bow down. Come here about a man, Daniel, who stood when others bowed, prevailed in the face of opposition, and saw a future of peace. This is an in-person study with a Online Option -  (starting February 15, 7pm, in the Ave 209 coffee shop)  Join us on Google Meet:

  • questions we want to ask God but never do

    Starting on Friday the 19th at 9:00am upstairs at Avenue 209 Coffee Shop, we will be exploring some interesting questions like "Why does God care who I sleep with?" and "Is Jesus a raving whack job or truly God in the flesh?" Join us for a continental breakfast and conversation around faith.

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  • Meet our college Minister

    Hi, My name is Bill.  I have been with and around college students for over 25 years.  Needless to say I love college students.  I love having Fun with them, helping them to develop lasting and meaningful Friendships, and helping them to discover Faith in Jesus, the most awesome person I know.  The other awesome person I know is my wife Heidi, she's the pretty one in the picture.  You should get to know her as she is incredibly Fun, an amazing Friend, and has a rich and deep Faith.  Together we have 5 kids and 3 cats. Every Sunday after church you are welcome to come over to our place (click here for directions) for a home cooked meal, lively conversation, and tons of fun games.  Click the picture if you want to send me a text about anything.  Do you need prayer for something? Send us an email HERE.  Lastly if you want to get a taste of my teaching style look at our YouTube Channel.

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