Christmas Liturgy

Leader: Lord as we have prepared our house for the coming of Christmas Day, we would also prepare our hearts for the returning of Christ. 

People: You came once for your people, O Lord, and you will come for us again. 

Leader: Though there was no room as the inn to receive you on your first arrival, 

People: We would prepare room here in our hearts and here in our homes, Lord Christ. 

Leader: As we decorated and celebrate, we do so to mark the memory of Your redemptive moment into our broken world, O God Our glittering ornaments and Christmas trees, our festive Carols, our sumptuous feasts

People: By these small tokens we affirm that something amazing has Happened in time and space

Leader: That God, on a particular night, in a particular place, so many years Ago, was born to us, an infant king, our Prince of Peace. Our wreaths and ribbons and colored lights, our giving gifts, our parties With friends-these have never been ends in themselves. 

People: They are but small ways in which we repeat the sounding joy First proclaimed by angels in the skies near Bethlehem. 

Leader: In view of such great tidings of love announced to us, and to all People, how can we not be moved to praise and celebration in this Christmas season? 

People: As we decorated our trees, and as we feast and laugh and sing Together, we are rehearsing our coming joy! 

Leader: We are making ready to receive the one who has already, With open arms, received us! 

People: We would prepare you room here in our hearts and here in our Home, Lord Christ. 

Leader: Now we celebrate your first coming Immanuel, even as we long for Your return. 

People: O Prince of Peace, our elder brother, return soon. We miss you so! Amen