2018 Annual Meeting Documents

Dear Common Place Family,
We have a great church celebration in January where we reflect on the previous year and dream about the new year. This year, we are going to have this celebration on SundayJanuary 14th at 9:30. There will only be one service that day, and then we will eat brunch afterwards!

This celebration also serves as our yearly annual meeting. In preparation, there are a couple documents to look over. 


First, the nominating committee is recommending the following individuals to serve the Church for 2018:
Secretary: Karissa Pearson
Treasurer: James Gorham
Assistant Treasurer: Josh Hornig
Member at Large: Luke Gardner
Nominating Committee: Jayanne Hall, Jody Russell

As a member of the Common Place you are also allowed to present your own nominations per the bylaws should you desire. Instructions are below

Nominations from the membership

1. The person desiring to submit a name for nomination must confirm the willingness of the potential nominee to let his/her name stand for a particular position. The nominator must then inform the nominating committee of their intent in writing at least 7 days prior to the annual meeting.

2. All nominees must be approved by the nominating committee with respect to qualifications.

3. Nominations will be closed at noon 7 calendar days prior to the annual membership meeting.

Bylaw Revisions
The Bylaw Committee also met this past year and is recommended a number of bylaw revisions. You can download a copy of these at the church website at http://commonplacechurch.com/2018-annual-meeting. There will be an informational meeting after the second service on January 7th to answer any questions you might have regarding the proposed changes.

I look forward to seeing you on the 14th and celebrating all that God has done!

Click below to download the bylaws and review the recommended changes prior to the meeting.